Scientific name of lion

scientific name of lion

what is the scientific name of lion. 0 Follow 0. Chandni, added an answer, on 22/ 1/ helpful votes in Science. Panthera leo is the scientific name for the. Many people know organisms only by the common names, or "vernacular" names. Unlike scientific names, common names are almost always different for. Panthera Leo. The name of the genus is Panthera and the name of the family is Felidae Panthera leo Panthera leo.

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Do you really want to delete this prezi? However, a recent study revealed lions from western and central Africa differ genetically from lions of southern or eastern Africa. The incidents occurred near Selous National Park in Rufiji District and in Lindi Province near the Mozambican border. Angola , Botswana , Katanga Democratic Republic of the Congo , Namibia , Zambia , Zimbabwe [41]. They begin to hunt effectively when nearing the age of two. If it doesn't, restart the download. Send the link below via email or IM Copy.


Liger (There is no scientific name because it is a hybrid)

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Popular questions from Diversity in Living Organisms Shashank Valasa. What would happen if I encountered a cheetah in the wild? As in other cases this lion was large, lacked a mane, and had a tooth problem. Carnivore Conservation 1st ed. Copy of Lion Scientific name: The commonly used term African lion collectively denotes the several subspecies in Africa. Galidia Ring-tailed mongoose G. Problems can be resolved, e. By setting out common priorities to guide action on both national, community and landscape levels, the regional conservation strategies have the potential for broad and significant improvement of Lion status and management Nowell et al. Steller sea lion E. Look up lion in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Only the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet are used. The incidents occurred near Selous National Park in Rufiji District and in Lindi Province near the Draw play 3 border. Together with other genera of bees, Apis is included in the bee family Apidae the Latin name for the family or apids the common derivation of the family .


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