Wildstar costume slots

wildstar costume slots

Recently the /costume command was removed, here is how to get started in Illium at the Dye Distribution. It even has buttons in the quick menu to hide costume parts, I have 12 costume slots (Which seems to be the max right now) but only 8 show. How do I set up my costume choices? Do I get more costume version slots as I level, or do I unlock them in some other manner? B Costume? - Player Help. Guild Policy Guilds Guild of the Month. It integrates with the addon Costume Names to list your costumes as named casino venedig eintritt, should you have Costume Names installed. No matter what I do, I never get the costume interface to come up. Edit, and I am at the Dye Distribution Specialist in Illium. BenevonApr 20, This is one of those changes I think was totally unnecessary. I found out how to do it.


WildStar Costume - LEVI HEICHOU


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